Wards and Units

University Hospital Galway

(091) 524222


Direct Telephone Numbers

St. Anthony’sGround Floor(091)  544431/544441
St. Enda’sGround Floor(091)  544435/544445
Medical Assessment Unit (M.A.U.)Ground Floor(091)  543744/543723
St. Mary’s1st Floor(091)  544432/544442
St. Teresa’s1st Floor(091)  544436/544446
Coronary Care Unit (C.C.U.)!st Floor(091)  544260/544261
Cardiac Day Ward and Angiography Suite1st Floor(091) 54
Cardiothoracic Unit1st Floor(091)  542891/542892
St Nicholas's2nd Floor(091)  544443/544434
St. Pius's2nd Floor(091)  544437/544447
Oral Maxillo Facial Ward2nd Floor(091) 544447/542232
St. Finbar’s2nd Floor(091)  542196/542197
St. Gerard’s3rd Floor(091)  544444/544434
St. Anne’s3rd Floor(091)  544448/542006
Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.)3rd Floor(091)  544315/544892
High Dependency Unit (H.D.U.)3rd Floor(091)  544891/542730
Cardiothoracic ICU3rd Floor(091)  542671/542672
Surgical Day Ward3rd Floor(091) 544496/544646
St. Dominic’s4th Floor(091)  544821/544822
St. Michael’s4th Floor(091)  544439/544449
Endoscopy Unit4th Floor(091) 544738/544292
St. Joseph’s5th Floor(091)  544430/544440
St. Patrick’s5th Floor(091)  544759/544760
St. Rita’s (Care of the Elderly)Through Maternity Ground Fl.(091)  544215/544689
St. Angela'sMaternity - Ground Fl.(091)  544551/544553
St. Catherine'sMaternity - Ground Fl.(091)  544619/544219
St. Monica'sMaternity - 1st Floor(091)  544224/544624
St. Clare's (Neonatal/Premature Baby Unit)Maternity - 1st Floor(091)  544222/544470
St. Bernadette's (Paediatrics)Rear of Main Hosp. Block(091)  544352/544274/544271
Psychiatric UnitRear of Main Hosp. Block(091)  544458/544451/544450
Haematology/Oncology Day WardOut Patients Dept.-1st Floor(091) 544610/544886/544978


Layout of University Hospital Galway


Layout of Merlin Park University Hospital


Merlin Park University Hospital

(091) 524222

Direct Telephone Numbers

Unit 1 (Medical Outpatients/Infusion Service /CAPD)(091)  775541
Unit 2 (Orthopaedics/Surgical Out-patients)(091)  775541
Unit 3 (Podiatry)(091)  775557
Unit 4(091)  775561
Unit 5(091)  775566
Unit 6(091)  775569
Unit 7(091)  775574
Unit 8(091)  775237
Hospital Ground (Nephrology/Rheumatology/Medicine)(091)  775655
Hospital 1 (Respiratory/Medicine)(091)  775608
Hospital 2 (Orthopaedics)(091)  775613
Special Care(091)  775618


National Visiting Policy

All wards are open to visitors at the following times:

  • 14:00 to 16:00 hours 
  • 18:30 to 20:30 hours

Protected Meal Times

 In our hospitals we have protected meal times.  This means that no patient is to be disturbed or visited by either staff or visitors during their meals.  Visitors are asked to observe protected mealtimes and leave the wards unless they are helping a patient to eat or where their absence would upset the patient.


Visitors are Asked

  • to use the alcohol hand rub provided when entering and leaving wards
  • to wait if the patient you have come to see is receiving treatment when you arrive, 
  • to only have two visitors at the patient’s bedside at one time
  • to have children under the age of 12 years accompanied by an adult
  • to show consideration for the other patients on the ward
  • to note that in some areas fresh flowers and plants are not permitted.

General enquiries

If you have a general enquiry or need to contact another department please ring the main switchboard on 00 353 (0)91 524222.